With increased interest in air quality and a statutory requirement to address local air quality issues, Air Quality Assessments are being requested more and more by Local Authorities in support of planning applications, often at the pre-application stage. Specifically referenced within the National Planning Policy Framework, air quality issues can be a material planning consideration.

Air Quality Assessments need to consider whether sites are suitable for the proposed use, to determine whether a development will cause significant air quality impacts at sensitive locations or more generally result in a worsening in local air quality levels.

X3 Environmental can help with several different types of air quality assessments: +

  • Scoping reports or Screening reports linked to an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
  • Reports on air quality for a full EIA
  • Pre-planning advice
  • Assessments in support of planning applications
  • Environmental Permitting application support
  • Construction Environmental Plans (CEMP)